A Mini Crash Course in Cloudspotting (the subversive act of horizontality) @ FRONTLINE Arts Festival Stoke on Trent  

This project is many things: a month long installation, a solo dance theatre piece, a resting space, a provocation, a community space, a place for different conversations, a place to tell and hear stories about difference. 

A Crash Course in Cloudspotting @ Ovalhouse 2018  Created in Collaboration with Artist & Designer Synøvve Fredericks and Composer Jamie McCarthy

A Crash Course in Cloudspotting @ Ovalhouse 2018

Created in Collaboration with Artist & Designer Synøvve Fredericks and Composer Jamie McCarthy

The project is inspired by Raquel’s lived experience as someone with chronic pain and her need to lie down (a lot). Sometimes she gets kick back and sometimes she gets moved on. Her work has previously been exhibited at the South Bank Centre, and National Centre for the Arts, Mexico City. At Frontlines Festival she invites the local community to co-create a resting space, and she will continue to collect stories from people with invisible disabilities about their attempts to rest in public.

Raquel is a UK based dance theatre practitioner. She acknowledges difference and disability as important tools in her artistic process, and 'rest' as a creative impulse. Raquel is the artistic director of Unchartered Collective, a Lost Dog Dance Co-founder & Associate Artist, and a Pervasive Media Studios Resident. She has also worked as a movement director with UK theatre directors Amy Hodge & Rachel Bagshaw. Her work is supported by Unlimited and MAYK.

Full list of Events

Workshop Tuesday 1st October 11am - 4pm

Co-create a Resting Space / Tell us your Resting Story. An opportunity to collaborate with Artist Raquel Meseguer. Help us transform an empty retail unit in a local shopping centre into a tranquil resting space. To sign up email jo.uncharteredcollective@gmail.com or visit 

Rest Room Work in Progress Performance Wednesday 2nd October 3pm (followed by tea & cake)

Telling 15 real life stories about people’s attempts to rest in public, Raquel’s piece weaves text and movement, dark humour & song. 

Still a part of it (ongoing) 

If you are unable to attend an event you can still be a part of the project: tell us your Resting Story / take part in our survey to find our what your community wants from a resting space / suggest events in the Resting Space during the rest of October (link to Frontlines Festival Resting Spaces survey below form).

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