Unchartered Collective 

Unchartered Collective grew out of conversations between a group of Bristol based creatives, all of whom experience persistent pain. The collective grew out of a desire to communicate our experience, and bridge difference.

Our name reflects our sense of living in unchartered territory, when an illness becomes chronic and your life counter-culture. With few role models  and little awareness around invisible impairments, navigating the isolation can be a lonely thing.

I wanted to create performance spaces to explore different aspects of my experience. Other members of the collective write for the Huffington Post, and run the Resting Revolution FB group.. 



Raquel Meseguer 

I co-founded Lost Dog in 2004 and co-directed all productions up to and including the 2011 Place Prize Winner ‘It Needs Horses’. I re-joined the company in 2015 as associate co-director on ‘Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me)’ nominated for a Southbank Sky Arts Award 2016 and shortlisted for Best New Choreography (Modern) Critics Circle Awards 2016. I am currently a Lost Dog associate artist and will co-direct ‘Romeo & Juliet Live!’ in 2017 / 2018.

I stepped away from the world of theatre making in 2011, to understand and come to terms with an increasingly disabling chronic pain condition. I began to become interested in creating performance that explores chronic pain last year. Someone Should Start Laughing & A Crash Course in Clouspotting are the fruits of this scheming and dreaming.