Rest Room

I have an invisible disability, and that means I need to lie down (a lot)...
— Raquel Meseguer

In her new solo, Raquel tells 15 real life stories about people’s attempts to rest in public.

The piece weaves text and movement, dark humor and song.

It doesn’t triumph over disability, but triumphs in our interconnectedness.

I feel like I’ve just seen a series of short films
— Audience member, Battersea Arts Centre
I found your presentation today to be beautiful and poetic whilst remaining very ‘real’. So much of the content of the stories resonated with me.
— Audience Member, Battersea Arts Centre

Rest Room was performed as a Scratch (work in progress) at Battersea Arts Centre, Rest & Resistance Festival 2019 and at Zeitraumexit, Frisch Eingetroffen Festival June 2019. It was developed with support from Touretteshero, Battersea Arts Centre, Trinity Bristol (TCI) and Zeitraumexit. For more information about how to support or book the piece, please contact us here: