Someone Should Start Laughing

Photo 1: Stephen James Moore, Photo 2-5: Paul Blakemore

Photos: Jack Offord

10 of you
10 of us
& 30 minutes
to tell our stories
(and make you laugh)

Someone Should Start Laughing is about lives lived with invisible impairments like chronic pain, and how we talk about that without turning you off, or turning away. Through sound, touch, silence, laughter and dance, these immersive stories are handled with the necessary wit, tenderness and healthy respect for life's curveballs. 

The company gallop through their stories from diagnosis, to brave new self (on a good day). And through our common humanity we bridge the distance between one life and another. 

Co-Directors: Raquel Meseguer (Lost Dog Associate Artist) and Owen Calvert Lyons
Participants: Abbie May Hastings, Mary Crowder, Leanne Maloney, Rebecca Temple, Louise Ansell, Pilar Sofia Sanchez, Cristina Yogui, Sarah Howard. 

Someone Should Start Laughing was developed with support from Bristol Ferment & Arts Council England. Supported by University of Bristol, King’s College London & Trinity Community Initiative..